Tourist? Costa Rica Will Kill You

August 17, 2018

Yet another German Tourist has been attacked in San José, following the recent coastline murders of a 31 year/old Spaniard woman and a 25 year-old Mexican woman on August 2018.

Dear American/Canadian/EU Tourists: the incompetent Costarican political class is unable to contain the rising murder tide within this Narcos Enclave;  this truly yours Tiquiyo Demier believes the solution to the growing violence is to empower concerned urban and rural communities into Voluntary, De-Centralized, self-organized civil security force, in line with the Non-Aggression (Self-Defense) and Voluntarist Principles, all while avoiding the pitfalls of Police Militarization, though this will not occur in the short/mid-term (or even long-term for that matter).

We urge the reader to email/share/text this site’s address to your Family & Friends and warn them; Costa Rica has a lot to offer in the way of “intangible” facts and experiences: Great weather (relatively out of the way of the well-known “Hurricane Corridor”), Awesome Food, Wonderful Vistas, Lush Rainforests and Beaches, Breathtaking Flora and Fauna…

But your well-being is not the country’s priority, The Costarican people will not warn you as therein lies a blatant conflict of Interest: you are the Tourist +The Locals need your Dollars/Euros = the local folks are doing everything they can to cover this up, even the President is focusing more on Civic History party-throwing (200years of the Independence) than the safeguarding of the people; He is more concerned on using Venezuela’s Internal Political crisis as his precious GeoPolitcal card for self-aggrandizement.

Costa Rica is on a direct crash course to a Failed State, not far from her Southamerican neighbors, plagued with death, poverty and suffering. The Failed War on Drugs has given way to unharnessed violent crimes, full of rage, never before seen in a country which boasts a History of Army Abolitionism in 1948. Costaricans are passive-aggressive on steroids; they will never let you know directly, face to face what they think; let’s not confuse politeness to apathy. ¡Pura Vida!

This author has the possibility of “flying back home” to Italy and forget about the miserable clueless souls destined to perish during His Majesty’s Reign of Terror, but Tiquiyo is simply too busy trying to raise awareness of these deadly issues.

Other recent months’ murders include:

  • 80 year-old woman, German resident, alleged jewelry robbery
  • 59 year-old Canadian Man, alleged camera robbery, dusk time
  • 36 year-old Italian Salvatore Ponzo, Pineaple exporting entrepeneur, machine-gunned outside the Italian embassy, broad daylight
  • tortured Stefano Calandrelli, 51 year-old Italian resident and successful local entrepeneur, time of death: ca. 11pm
  • 52 year-old Costanzo Bari, italian, murdered after entering the country from Panama


Costaricans may sin of “omertosi”, Politicians may ignore these names, Staticians may argue these are just a few, , I call them “a few too many”.

Be safe, take care, all the best



Tiquiyo Demier

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